Top 5 of bizarre accessories for your weed!

Now that weed is legal for consumer use in many states and countries such as Uruguay or Argentina, with more countries soon to come. So it opens a new door to a whole “weed market” where you can find from the most regular and common products like pipes, ashtrays and lighters inspired in marijuana, to the further random weirdest things. And thats exactly what we bring today! The top 5 of the most bizarre accessories for weed:


1. Not without my belt: the buckle puffer is a discreet, stainless steel pipe that can be worn as a belt buckle. Blending in seamlessly with a suit and tie, or so it claims, it still requires you to take your belt off to enjoy a smoke.


2. The hipster-spy gadget: Wheter you are a coffee lover or you just want to walk around with your favourite “herb”, you can get this starbucks cup turned into a pipe and enjoy your weed without losing your hipster appereance.

3. No country for vegans:  people have been baking with marijuana and hash oil since the ’60s, now Reef Jerky brings a new dried beef product made from USDA prime beef infused with pure THC oil. When you love meat and jerkys but you also love weed. Match!

4. Hiding the truth to the kids: Canna Cola is a THC-infused beverage available in medical marijuana dispensaries. The company that produced it thought that medical marijuana should be more fun (and less smoky) to consume, so they created five different flavors including “Orange Kush” and “Grape Ape,” each with between 35 to 65 milligrams of cannabinoids. Your children will get mad for one of those instead of any other energetic full caffeine drinks!


5. Coffee true lovers: bottles of cold brew (the dense, ready-to-drink result of steeping coffee grounds in water for an extended period) infused with pure THC extract. When cannot decide between beer or coffee or weed, just pick one of these. It’s lile three in one!



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