NGO activist Lukas Hurt interviewed by YesWeSkunk

First of all, we would like to know something more about you. How did your relationship with the cannabis start?Besides a “journalist and an editor focusing on cannabis issues”, do you consider yourself also an activist since you work along with Legalizace NGO?  I first tried cannabis when I was sixteen, but it was low quality […]

Thousands of Cannabis Supporters Marched through Prague during 20th MMM in the Czech Republic

Huge crowds filled streets of Czech capital Prague on Saturday 6th of May, and they all came for one thing: to express their disagreement over current prohibitionist laws. The 20th anniversary of Prague’s Million Marihuana March (MMM) attracted more than seven thousand people of all ages and all walks of life and showed once again […]

“The first time Larry tried medical cannabis, the effects were nothing short of amazing”

Larry Smith, who suffers from Parkinson’s, felt that his health was declining and he wanted to do one big thing before it was too late: a bike ride across South Dakota. His wife, Betty, and Larry started going to the gym three times a week. When their niece Katie heard about the adventure, she pulled […]

Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General

Despite historic opposition to a nominee for Attorney General, today Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (R-AL) was confirmed to assume the role of our nation’s top law enforcement official. What happens next in regards to marijuana policy is unclear. We can engage in speculation as much as we’d like, but ultimately theorizing on whether or not […]

10 Signs the Cannabis Movement is Gaining Momentum in the United States

2016 has been a monumental year for cannabis. If the recent election results from the United States are any indication – cannabis prohibition is being dismantled at its core. One in five Americans now lives where cannabis is legal. Eight states now allow the adult possession and use of marijuana. There are only six states […]

seminario daya

Second International Seminar on Medical Cannabis in Santiago de Chile: last 2×1 tickets

Not to be missed! Fundación Daya launches last minute tickets 2×1 for Daya Community of Partners and Friends members, who want to attend the “Second International Seminar on Medical Cannabis of Santiago”. The Second International Seminar on Medical Cannabis will be held in Chile’s Ex National Congress building on December 9th and 10th. Organised by […]

STCM Conference “Cannabinoids in Medicine – New Trends” hosted in Bern

The Swiss Task Force for Cannabinoids in Medicine (STCM) Conference 2016 is taking place tomorrow in Auditorium E. Rossi, Inselspital-University Hospital Bern (Switzerland). STCM was founded in 2009 by clinicians, pharmacists, lawyers and other professionals with a common objective: to deal with the problems of the insufficiently regulated medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids in Switzerland. […]

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour: Cycling to fund investigation with cannabinoids

For the fifth consecutive year, Medical Cannabis Bike Tour organises a ride of 420 km to bike through some of the most beautiful spots in Europe. The objective is to fund research and trials with cannabinoids. A major milestone has been achieved this year, to raise enough money for research on THC and CBD as cancer […]