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Cannabis may be useful in adults with epilepsy according to a survey

The use of cannabis may improve seizure control in adult patients with epilepsy. Scientists of the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences of Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, published a survey with 292 patients suffering from epileptic seizures, from psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES), and with both epileptic and PNES. Their age ranged from 27 to 49 years, and 57.2% were women. Epilepsy was documented in 190, PNES in 64, and both types of seizures in 26.

Overall, 166 (57%) had tried cannabis, and 36.2% used it over the past year. Improvement in seizures was perceived by 84% in those with epilepsy and 72.7% in those with PNES. In the 2 groups, stress was decreased in 84.9% and 88%, sleep improved in 77.3% and 88%, and memory/concentration was better in 32% and 28%, respectively. Antiepileptic drug side effects were decreased in 53.2% of cannabis users. Authors wrote that “patients with uncontrolled epilepsy or nonepileptic events had a high rate of marijuana use with associated perceived improvements in seizure control, stress, sleep, and drug side effects.”

Check the study here.

Source: http://www.cannabis-med.org/english/bulletin/iacm.php

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