Which one is the real gateway drug: Cannabis or prescription drugs?

Cannabis research shows that it might be a key tool in the struggle against the opioid epidemic in the US. “There’s a big difference between that (medical marijuana) and recreational marijuana. I think that when you see something like the opioid addiction crisis blossoming in so many states around this country, the last thing we […]

Playing the guessing game with Donald

As this new administration begins to govern all eyes will be on which turn they take on hemp, medical marijuana and marijuana legalization.  We are left to guess and go off hunches.  Nobody knows what this man is willing to do. American politics has never seen anything like this, no political experience, sky-high confidence, a […]

The creation of the Cannabis Caucus is a milestone for the revision of federal cannabis laws

Everyday, the use of the plant is becoming more accepted, seen in a better light and want it or not a part of American mainstream culture.  One example of this influence is the fact that here is now a caucus in Congress that works to protect and expand the growing cannabis economy and the social […]

Keep on moving: Marijuana Refugees and the search for a cure

Even when states have legalized or normalized medical marijuana this doesn’t mean that it’s a quick fix.  People still can’t find access to the drug and find themselves having to risk legal trouble or even jail to find a treatment.   There are the difficulties of shipping products across state lines because of federal interference.  In […]