Is War against Cannabis Slowing Down in Slovakia?

Instead of being treated as criminals, the users who are caught using cannabis for the first time could get away with a fine. That’s the big news from Slovakia, country in the middle of Europe with draconian anti-cannabis and anti-drug laws. But the new proposition is causing a lot of stir in the government, showing […]

InMed Pharmaceuticals making CBD from E. Coli

In 1978 The biotech firm Genentech genetically modified the bacteria E. coli to produce human insulin.   Today, one company has taken this idea of producing chemicals from E. coli and translated it to cannabis. InMed Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian firm, recently announced they have manufactured CBD and many other plant-based cannabinoids without ever planting a single cannabis seed. According to an […] NGO activist Lukas Hurt interviewed by YesWeSkunk

First of all, we would like to know something more about you. How did your relationship with the cannabis start?Besides a “journalist and an editor focusing on cannabis issues”, do you consider yourself also an activist since you work along with Legalizace NGO?  I first tried cannabis when I was sixteen, but it was low quality […]

Czech Hemp Farmer Prosecuted for Growing Hemp in an Unprecedented Trial

August 23rd was the day when I went to the court for the first time in my life. I was neither accused nor summoned as a witness, I just wanted to see with my own eyes a public hearing which I would never imagine to make it to the courtroom. Could anything be more absurd […]

NBA and NFL about to approve the medical use of cannabis

These are the last news coming from the National Football League (NFL). Adam Silver, commissioner of NBA, has declared that the entire organization is open to discuss about using medical marijuana among NBA players. According to his words, therapeutic cannabis should be regulated just like many other medical drugs are being regulated years before in […]

Hanfparade 2017: Germany’s Biggest March for Cannabis Legalization

Berlin, German capital with a population of more than 3.5 million, witnessed its 21st Hanfparade this past Saturday – a peaceful gathering of cannabis supporters who marched through the city centre and demanded nothing less than a full legalization of this plant. What could you see when you arrived at Berlin’s Central Train Station on […]

Hawaii opens its doors to medical cannabis

Hawaii’s first medical cannabis dispensary has opened its doors one week after the Department of Health granted a license to Steep Hill Hawaii to test consumer products. Hawaii never decriminalized marijuana, but medical marijuana was approved in 2000. The law allowed patients to grow up to seven of their own plants, but did not allow […]

A model drug law for New Zeland

The Government of New Zeland is not betting on a real drug law so the Drug Foundation is working on it. The foundation has proposed a replacement that would decriminalise all drugs, and create a regulated cannabis market. Although the country has been a real leader in  the world in social change with such progressive […]

Medical Cannabis Legalized in Poland – a Doctor’s View

 As we have informed in June, Polish Parliament overwhelmingly approved a bill legalizing the use of cannabis for certain medical conditions. President Andrzej Duda signed it into law on the 20th of July, making Poland yet another European country where severely ill patients will be able to legally buy cannabis and products made from. But […]

A Perfect Holiday in Czech Cannabis Paradise: Jamaican-style Hemp Farm with Maze and Much More

I spent the last weekend of last year’s summer holiday on a unique cannabis farm called Vranč, located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Czech Republic – Southern Moravia. The two acre large maze, hundred tons worth of beach sand, and a well-made replica of a Jamaican ship, along with a wide selection […]